postheadericon How to Purchase your New Yacht without any Hassle

Navigate the seven seas, hair in the wind, look towards the horizon, before you embark on the adventure, offers you tips to follow when buying your first Yacht and also the next.

  1. Have your favorite appraised

The surveyor advises the prospective owner by helping to determine the condition of the vessel and assessing the amount of repairs or upgrades required. His conclusions engage him. The expertise is usually charged 40 dollars per linear meter, to which must be added the costs of dry unit, essential to validate the status of live works.

  1. Choose a unit adapted to its navigation basin

In USA, choose medium-sized units with low draft, adapted to the strong tidal range of the region and cruises between rias and archipelagos. Conversely, a unit moored in the Mediterranean must be able to swallow the miles to reach quickly.

  1. Opt for leasing

Lease with option to purchase (LOA) has become widespread because of the tax benefits it generates. The administration, considering that a rental unit spends some time outside Community waters, has a VAT rate reduced to 9.8%, instead of 19.6%.

  1. Ensuring your safety

The regulation of mandatory safety equipment on board is flexible. It’s up to the owner to choose the equipment level from among three security packs, depending on their navigation program. Each pack corresponds to a concept of distance from a shelter: basic (less than 2 miles), coastal (less than 6 miles) and offshore (less than 6 miles).

  1. Find a place in port

This is the concern of any future owner. Dealers generally benefit the buyer from a seat belonging to them. As this solution is only temporary, it is better to be on the waiting list of your preferred port, unless you opt for an alternative solution: purchase of a transportable unit, home port to the alien or mooring to a mooring.

  1. Pass the coastal permit

Essential to take the helm of a power unit whose power exceeds 6 HP, it is optional for the owners of a sailYacht. However, if the Yacht is equipped with fixed VHF, the skipper must hold either the coastal option pleasure license – to be in good standing in USA territorial waters – or the restricted radiotelephone operator’s certificate (CRR) – authorizing it to sail abroad.

  1. Shelling the prices

The prices displayed never correspond to a product ready to navigate. It is therefore necessary to systematically add the safety equipment and essential services such as delivery or misting for a sailYacht. Sails are generally absent from the inventories of large trip or regatta units. Take advantage of the lounges to negotiate these additional services which weigh down the bill by 10 to 40%!

  1. Take out insurance

It is not mandatory, but the majority of marinas require it to cover the damage your unit could cause to a third party. As with the automobile, there are two types of contract. One, called “third party”, the other, called “multi-risk”.

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