postheadericon How to win in Fusion Fruit Beat slot

All games in the casino, including slots, are unprofitable for the player. The percent of payments in them is lower than 100%, and the benefit remains on the party of the casino. It means that without good luck you do not win and for this reason, higher dispersion, as a rule, plays for you. So in this article, you will find how to win in Fusion Fruit Beat Slot.

In games with low dispersion, results tend to approach over time the expected return which is lower than 100%. At the same time, in games with high dispersion all of you equally lose money in the long term, however, you have a chance to win a large sum of money, thanks to high dispersion.

On the other hand, you can win the same sum at smaller rates. If you put small rates with bigger dispersion, you will lose less in the long term and also keep the chance of a big prize.

That is why the majority of my game tricks and strategies are based on the increased dispersion and also tracking of an RTP of game.

Advise No. 1: Avoid a rate which considerably reduces the percent of payments

Online slots usually have the identical percentage of payments (RTP) for all types of rates. Nevertheless, some slots which predecessors were traditional gaming machines considerably worsen indicators of certain rates. In this case, you always have to choose another type of rate.

Advise No. 2: Use the function of double increase for dispersion regulation

The function of double increase (red/black) gives you the chance to double the prize with probability in 50%. In some games (for example, in slots from Novomatic) you can do it several times in a row (13, it seems).

This function considerably increases the dispersion of a game. So at you, the set of small prizes with the proportion of the smaller quantity of prizes will turn for the higher cost.


For example, without the use of the function of double increase, you can win 40 times, every time winning 1 dollar. However, if you used doubling function three times, you can win 5 times, on 8 dollars each time. The long-term expected cost is identical, but prizes in some cases will be higher.

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